An Alternative to Hotels

Those who wish to enjoy their UK holidays in accommodation with more of a personal touch are increasingly turning to bed and breakfasts rather than faceless corporate hotels. Bed and breakfasts are typically run from a family home and offer a genuine welcome. There may be fewer rooms, which means the host can focus more on their individual guests. The breakfast is often a highlight and will be cooked to order to each visitor's preferences. There are unlikely to be many on-site facilities, but most bed and breakfasts have a cosy lounge to relax in at the end of a busy day.

Top B&B Picks in the World

9 Apr 2021

Creating a list of the world's best B&Bs is a difficult task, bearing in mind that every person has their own opinion on this subject, but you can't go wrong with the likes of Le Quartier Sonang, Arbour Guest House, Union Street Inn, and The Beach House Inn.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bed and Breakfast

7 Mar 2021

How many children are allowed? Are pets allowed? Is your ideal breakfast menu available? What's the cancellation policy of the B&B? What do other people say about it? What is your taste, a new or old-fashioned B&B experience? Does the place offer the privacy you need?

What to Expect at a B&B

2 Feb 2021

When it comes to breakfast, most B&Bs boast quite elaborate menus. They have hospitable chefs on standby to help with special orders tailored to the specific needs of customers. Depending on the facility, customers can either eat in their rooms privately or from a communal dining area with others.

Ceilidh Bed and Breakfast

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